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Sunday, January 3, 2010 8:02 PM

Happy New Year to all readers from SGDuelists!

Signing off, Blackie.

Sunday, December 27, 2009 6:38 AM

Okay, scrubbing days at today's tournament at Jurong East.

Played Core Chimail today, and got a score of 1-2, 0-2, 2-0 and 0-2.

I played this deck because I believe it has potential, but it was VERY inconsistent.

Most Core Chimail monsters require the owner to reveal a card from their hand OR discard the Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru to the graveyard to keep the monsters alive.

Here's the decklist :

Blackie's Core

Total : 40

Koa'ki Meiru Crusader x3
Koa'ki Meiru Urknight x3
Koa'ki Meiru Powerhand x2
Koa'ki Meiru Guardian
Koa'ki Meiru Hydro Barrier
Koa'ki Meiru Tornado
Koa'ki Meiru Boulder x3
Koa'ki Meiru Rooklord x2

Shrink x3
Immediate Core Disposal x2
Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru x3
Heavy Storm
Giant Trunade

Reckless Greed x3
Core Blast x2
Radiance of the Steel Core x2
Solemn Judgment
Torrential Tribute
Mirror Force
Royal Oppression x3

Comments :
Most of the monsters in this deck are level 4 or below, except for the 2 Rooklords.
This allows for easy beatdown and the ability to summon monsters consistently.

The reason for Hydro Barrier and Tornado is because, it is important to have some monsters that do not require the "revealing or discarding" maintenance cost.

And, by top-decking an Iron Core for Tornado's effect, Tornado can destroy all your opponent's previously special summoned monsters.
*Thinking of Banana's Machiners ^_^*

Urknight, released in Absolute Powerforce allows the Koa'ki Meiru archetype to swarm better, as just by revealing an Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru, I am able to summon another level 4 or lower Koa'ki Meiru beatstick from the deck.

Most of the level 4 monsters of the Koa'ki Meiru archetype have 1900 ATK and above, Powerhand being the highest of 2100.

Crusader allows the retrieval of the Iron Core from the graveyard, to either use Urknight's effect or to discard it to maintain a monster on the field.

Boulder is the main searcher of the archetype, being able to search for an Iron Core or any level 4 or lower Koa'ki Meiru monster from the deck to hand. It also does not have the maintenance cost, and it can also be used to reveal for Guardian.

Guardian is most of the time summoned by Urknight to protect cards when attacking face down monsters such as Ryko, as Guardian can be tributed to negate the effect.

Shrink is necessary to clear big Synchro monsters, as most of the monsters in the deck are level 4 and have low ATK compared to Synchro monsters, hence Shrink is used to remove those pesky white cards away.

Reckless Greed is also a good card to have in the deck, as you can draw additional cards, and then discard Iron Core to maintain a monster instead of revealing.
Then, by skipping the Draw Phase of your turn you can return Iron Core from your Graveyard to your hand, and it nicely stacks with Reckless Greed's effect, meaning you can return Iron Core from your Graveyard to hand and you can start drawing again on the 3rd turn after activating Reckless Greed.

Radiance of the Steel Core is the primary Magic/Trap negation of this deck, just by revealing an Iron Core from your hand.

Royal Oppression is also included in this deck, as apart from Urknight special summoning, there are no other special summons in this deck, and Royal Oppression can be used against GB, LL, Machiners and BF.

Why no Drago or Doom ?

Drago : Light and Dark monsters cannot be special summoned.

There is so far only one Dragon monster in this archetype, and it is hard to maintain Drago by revealing another Dragon monster from your hand, as the only Koa'ki Meiru Dragon is Drago, and it is not likely to have 2 Dragos in your hand most of the time.

Doom : Light and Dark monsters have no effect.

Gayness, but with an ATK of only 1700, even plain Jain can kill him without any effects.
Nuff said.

The Koa'ki Meiru Lab really needs to breed more Dragons and Fiends and support cards for this archetype !!

That concludes my field report for the day.
Thanks for reading people !

Bye, Blackie.

Sunday, December 13, 2009 11:53 AM

Hey guys, it's Starsky here.
This is my 1st post, and I'm going to rant about the team tournament that was held at Khatib just few hours back.
I was teamed up with Melvin and Jared today and i was the anchor in this line-up which, i got to admit, it's quite an important role that i have to play.
So anyway, i was playing Twilight deck today after a night of re modifications and the thoughts of my traumatizing frustrations over my 2 week "1 win 3 lose streak". And i told myself to chill and play well no matter what the scenario is... And i did.
I think my performance was good and i was winning in the front line.. but, eventually, we got wiped out in the Swiss rounds, which is what i have kind of expected or predicted.. but overall, we all had fun today! And i think Mythos has done well today, although Team PorkchopMEGAULTRACHICKENDOUCHEBAG is having a 0-6 score! But, we had a good time laughing it off during dinner at McDonald's! SOOOO... yea! That's all I'm writing for now. Take care, readers, whoever you guys are.

Signing off,

Friday, December 11, 2009 4:53 AM

Hellos people,

With every pack comes a card with so much potential but yet so underused. Solidarity gives you the punch you need for every fun type based deck that you ever wanted to play in your entire life (I'm talking about actual type Archetypes). If you felt that your Warrior deck was not strong enough even with The A-Forces? Solidarity is your alternative choice (This actually reminds me of Twin Breaker. It must hurt alot if Solidarity is on the field and he controls a defense position monster) . Insect deck? Not a problem, Solidarity is there. What about Beasts? Solidarity (Beast Soul Swap + Solidarity = EXTREME PAIN!). Given the latest fad with Machines nowadays, Solidarity will be, and will remain a good card in a machine/Six Samurai deck.

The card also makes any underplayed deck usable and it gives normally weak monsters with great effects the ability protect themselves (e.g. Ever wanted to protect your Snipe Hunter? With a low 1.5k attack, it's vulnerable to destruction. With Solidarity, it hits a whopping 2.3k!). The power of this card also provides the backbone to many OTK decks.

Signing off,

Monday, December 7, 2009 5:45 AM


Thanks to many people for the birthday wishes and presents.
Since this blog belongs to part of the team, I shall only name the YGO players.

Thanks to :

BiXuan for saying happy birthday to me and promising to get me something on Saturday (:
WeiXiang for the dinner
Bryan for the Dark End and bubble tea
Jinny for the booster pack
WeiSheng for the booster pack [He works at our little "turf" you know ;)]
ZhiYong for giving me some stuff
Winson for the 3 Magical Stone Excavation and a Goblin Zombie
Melvin for saying happy birthday to me

And Winson, Jared and Cliff for coming to have dinner with us. (:
Means a lot to me!

My mum got me a $550 wrist chain thingy, but posting pics here would be getting a little too personal, haha.

My brother got me a $110 pen with silver lining. I didn't know my family members had so much money, so tell me why I'm so damn poor. -_-

Enjoyable dinner just now, super filling and of course the bill is sky high.

I sort of miss ripping open presents.
I miss my birthday gifts in wrapping paper, as most of the time I'm receiving cash as my presents from my parents...
I hope my birthday next year I can get to rip open stuff like I did in the past. (:

Signing off, Blackie.

Sunday, December 6, 2009 2:11 AM

Is Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer/Soul Release getting a tad too expensive? Never fear, SGDuelists care about your economic status! Our budget team worked long and hard into researching this underused, yet somewhat powerful card that hampers opponent's strategy. Introducing the latest in RFG technology, the Power Pickaxe!

Effect: Once per turn, you can remove from play 1 monster in your opponent's graveyard with a level lower than that of the equipped monster. The equipped monster gains 500 attack until the End Phase.


Looks unusable? The rage with Synchro Monsters makes high level monsters quickly available to every player, thereby rendering this card a good choice. What's more, Power Tool Dragon is able to search this card out! Release Restraint Wave is also a good choice for even more card advantage! What are you waiting for? Get your Power Pickaxe today!

Batteries not included.
Here's a vocal version of this post!

Signing off,

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